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Domain Registration

A domain registers your company name as a legal trading entity on the World Wide Web. A domain allows you or your organisation your own piece of internet real estate with your company’s specific branding For Example your E-mail address will be paulo@xyzcompany.pt and you will have a web address where your clients will be able to access your website directly. It is advisable to register your domain name as soon as possible. Offenders have been known to register popular or company domain names before you do and then trade under that name or try sell it back to you.

Domain Names are referred to as a Domain Name Service (DNS), which provides you with an easy-to-remember address. The DNS actually converts the domain name (e.g. www.bbis.pt) into an Internet Protocol (IP) number for example ( and vice versa.

Registering an applicable domain name is advisable to ensure your clients can easily remember your address on the Internet. Our company name is BirdieBox Internet Services (BBIS), our domain name is bbis.PT, our web site http://www.bbis.pt and our E-mail addresses follow the format of username@bbis.pt.

Web Site Design, Creation & Maintenance

Our Web Development team has the knowledge and expertise to maximize and develop your online presence by providing the highest degree of excellence for your website.

The team delivers the highest level of quality to each and every web project. We strive to create compelling websites that are functionally and aesthetically pleasing – and affordable

Developing a successful presence on the web takes a combination of quality content, dynamic programming and powerful graphics. We work closely with our clients to fully understand your business and needs. We will identify your objectives and develop intelligent, affordable solutions.

From conceptualisation to launch, BBIS Web Development works with our clients to understand and meet their specific and changing needs. BBIS builds website that help your business attract new customers, better serve existing customers, advertise your products and services and establish an Internet presence for your brand.

Hosting Solutions

Whether you need to host your domain and website, or you need a secure, reliable location for your business applications, BBIS offers the most advanced business hosting services.

The combination of a world-class Data Centre, advanced support infrastructure and high-level technical expertise, provides a stable hosting environment ensuring high availability and suited for any hosting requirements.

BBIS’s will help you select the best solution for your needs. BBIS goal is to develop a long-term relationship with you by minimising your costs and maximising your profits.

Our Dedicated Hosting Solutions are ideal stress-free solutions that provide optimised network performance and unlimited Internet Access for servers with high volume file transfers, high traffic and E-commerce applications.

If you have already invested in your own hardware and software, our Co-Location Hosting Solution offers you the ability to rent secure space and reliable network connections with quick Internet access to your website or mission critical applications.

Logo Design, Business Cards, Letterheads & Email Signatures

Logo Design – Establishing a successful brand is supported by having a logo that is associated with the industry you operate in, identifiable to your clients and customers and speaks to their needs. 

Business Cards – A great first impression is everything, and BBIS design service delivers quality and trust in every business card. No matter what your needs, your business card will have a sharp, memorable and personal feel. 

Letter Heads – While we live in a near-paperless world, there will always be a need for letterhead. Our designs provide the band recognition your business needs and considers your industry and what clients and customers look for in a trusted business.

Email Signatures – Emails are the lifeblood of a business, and email signatures are everywhere. Yet most businesses don’t give them any thought, nor maximise their potential. An email signature shows legitimacy and professionalism and shows that your business is well established. It provides brand recognition, allowing you to brand every message you send and establishes and reinforces who you are as a company. By creating a cohesive email signature for each employee on your team, you create brand recognition in every person to whom your employees send emails. In essence your email signature is a Digital Business Card.

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BBIS Web Packages


Which Package is Right For You?

Web-Bronze Package (Personal / NGO)

Website Set-up

Site Hosting Monthly – Disc Space – Up to 500Mb

(Including 20 Mail Addresses)

Web-Silver Package

Website Set-up

Site Hosting Monthly – Disc Space – Up to 2Gb

(Including 50 Mail Addresses)

Web-Gold Package

Website Set-up

Site Hosting Monthly – Disc Space – Up to 5Gb

(Including 350 Mail Addresses)

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